Saturday, September 5, 2015

We extract 4 lessons from NY Times article on Villain's Gold

We don't expect much from ANY establishment "news" piece, let alone the NY Times.

An article we saw this morning was typical of the lack of investigation, lack of understanding (of Gold at least) and the ease at which the Times is willing to ostracize anyone who is "caught" owning Gold.

The nice thing about the article (yes, we look for the bright side) is that it does a wonderful job of pointing out what NOT to do should you decide to buy Gold bars.

By reading this article - that has the REAL story left out, in our humble opinion - we can illustrate some lessons that we have been trying to teach for years now.

We probably didn't lay these out in the correct order, but that really shouldn't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. And, some may need to re-read the NY Times article a couple of times to really see the value of the lessons we are trying to get across.

This is serious business. The article says 15 bars worth $40,000 - and goes so far as to label it "treasure". The math does not work out as to how that can be 15 PAMP Suisse bars at current spot Gold prices but whatever, I guess.

The point is that there are important lessons to be learned on:

  1. What the NY Times thinks of Gold owners
  2. Where to buy Gold
  3. Should you buy serialized bars
  4. Where NOT to store Gold bars
All of this is outlined in our blog post this morning including a James Bond trailer just for fun. No, we didn't bring up James Bond, the NY Times author did...

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